Nord Plus Juunior 2022-2023

Alates juunist 2021 osaleb Nõlvaku Lasteaed aastases rahvusvahelises lasteaedade strateegilise koostöö projektis 

"Teachers' Gender Balance in the Correlation With Teaching Emotions in the Kindergarten: Challenges, Importance, Problems and Solutions"

Projekti võtmetegevus: Koostöö innovatsiooni arendamiseks ja heade praktikate jagamine

Projekti põhisisu:  Heade praktikate jagamine

Projekti tegevus: strateegiline koostöö lasteaedade vahel

Projekti periood: 06/2021 - 05/2023 (24 kuud)

Projekti koordinaatorriik: Läti (VSI Debesu kiemas).

Projekti koordinaator lasteaias: õppealajuhataja Karolin Kabanen

Projekti kood: NPJR-2021/10121

Projektis osalevad lasteaiad/lasteaed-algkoolid:

  • VSI Debesu kiemas (LT)

    Type of institution: Preschool

    Postal address: Zemaiciu 6a-54

    Telephone: +37060147588


    Web page:

  •  Institution: LV-Pirmsskolas izglītības iestāde "Lācītis" (LV)
    Type of institution: Preschool
    Contact person: Stupele, Nataļja
    Phone number: +37167735211

  • Nõlvaku Kindergarten (EE)

    Type of institution: Preschool

    Contact person: Kabanen, Karolin


    Phone number: +372 58546444

Short summary: 

The project "Teachers' Gender Balance in the Correlation with Teaching Emotions in the Kindergarten: Challenges, Importance, Problems and Solutions" is a continuation of the project, approved by Nordplus in 2020, called "Searching My Own Sampo: My Emotions and Outdoor Activities in Preschool Education". This new project focuses on female and male preschool teachers gender balance in the institutions and its correlation with teaching emotions and creating friendly, careful, safe environment in the kindergarten. There is a requirement for all partners to keep gender balance in selecting participants to this project. There are three partners from the Baltic countries, facing different and sometimes very similar experience, keeping the gender balance, damaging gender stereotypes in their home organizations and countries, based on cultural, historical issues: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. The main goal of the project is to identify the importance of gender balance in the preschool institutions and to find the connection with different aspects of teaching emotions (based on teachers' gender and gender of the pupils).